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February 26th, 2001

Hey everyone....So I finally went to a good show!! It has been a few years since this has happened... It was Blood has Been Shed's cd release party and the 'Hanny' was packed. The lineup was Hamartia, Dead Wrong, All that Remains, Shutdown, and Blood has Been Shed. It was really weird because all these people that had supposidly "dropped" out of the scene (including myself) were there. Kids I hadn't seen in years just decided to drop by. It was awesome. I picked up the new Blood has Been Shed disc. It is fucking amazing!! It is a new style for them but still has that signature BHBS sound...Bone crushing metal!!!

I just posted the line up for this years New England Hardcore and Metal Fest on the shows page... Seems the price is climbing...For Saturday only it is $30!!! That is insane...But then again it is Meshuggah!!!....Get your metal ass in gear and get tickets before hand...Looks like this year it may sell out...

Always looking to hear about new shit...

CASTE (Baltimore HxC) has a split CD coming out feb 27th, on brooklyn,NY's ForrestFireRecords, entitled "the embodiment of everything you hate". The split will feature DeadOnImpact from Queens NY, and Baltimore's Caste. 5 songs from each band. It will be available through mailorder, and most independent record stores in the NY, and Baltimore/DC metro area's. You can check out mp3's @

If you got a band, and you have some new stuff coming out...Drop me a line at

Thanks for checkin out my page. Ciao! -Maria